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Some Helicopter Uses

Aerial Photography & Video: "A picture says 1,000 words." What more can we say? Well actually, think about aerial photos or video for: your business, farm or home, outdoor recreation/route finding, environmental compliance, zoning inspection and documentation, your web site, your graphic design department, current site details, your boat, inventory or dozens of other uses.

Wildlife Surveys: For detailed surveys, once you use a helicopter, it's tough to go back to fixed wing aircraft. Detailed observations of bald eagles, moose, marine mammals, beaver dams/ponds, migratory fish runs are all possible.

Scenic Flights: There is simply no substitute for the aerial perspective from a helicopter [see our testimonial section]. Always wanted to fly, now is your chance. For someone special in your life, celebrate! Diamonds are out, dinner out passé; but helicopter rides are definitely never out of style. Purchase a gift certificate today.  Fall foliage, summer heat, sports and greens, winter snow pack and ice conditions and of course spring offering full visibility through the tree canopy to the ground.

Environmental Assessment: Water testing at remote lakes, deployment and retrieval of remote sampling devices, municipal codes monitoring and enforcement, monitoring of conservation easements. Check on and document industrial air and water dischargers. Monitor clearcutting, shoreland zoning violations and gravel pits.

Radio Tracking: Of wildlife, drifter buoys, vehicles or anything else you can think of and put a transmitter on. In some cases recovery of transmitting device may also be appropriate.

Mapping: Get real time landform details from the helicopter. Ground-truthing of other aerial photographic or satellite data is a common use. Land nearby to positively identify plant or physical features.

Monitoring & Observation: Whether codes enforcement, keeping an eye on a remote property, activities or gear, insurance claims, the helicopter can get you overhead and keep you informed with minimum effort.

Power Line and Pipeline Patrol: Monitor for leaks, storm damage, vandalism and stray voltage.

Search & Rescue: Valuable assistance in locating lost hikers, fisherman and boaters. Chase and flush out fugitives.

Community & Charitable Events: Make your event more memorable with helicopter rides. Increase the price of flights with the difference going to support your cause as a charitable deduction. Provide the hit of the day!

Frost Protection of Crops: If your crops are at a premium, maintaining air circulation over them during those late season early frosts can give you the extra ripening/harvesting time you need. Artificially induced air flow from rotor wash can also control excessive moisture and using an external sling and line, harvesting is possible from difficult to reach areas like cranberry bogs.

Corporate Events: Celebrate your grand opening, special sale, excellent employees. Attract customers or reward employees for a job well done. In either case, participants will be dazzled.

Lifting: We are FAA certified under Part 133 for hauling and lifting Class A and B external loads. Move some propane tanks to a remote cabin or mountain top weather station, fuel drums, air conditioners to a roof top, scientific equipment, backpacks up the hill for you, crop harvests, etc.

Remote Transport: "Can't get there from here?" Now you can!