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Because of an environmental problem with a gravel pit along the Kennebec River, I had the opportunity to meet Ed Friedman. As time went on our friendship grew. The common thread that has bound us as friends is that we both have the same desire to protect Maine's natural environment.

As chance would have it, Ed called me one morning to ask if I would like to fly in his helicopter, an invitation I quickly accepted. He picked me up at the Augusta Airport and we flew to Skowhegan checking out gravel pits, dams, and farming operations along the river. On our return flight we flew over the Great Sidney Bog, a six hundred acre raised bog created by the last ice-age. I took many photos of the Sidney Bog from the little "Bee".

It was then that I realized what a great platform the helicopter was for taking photos. The helicopter provides an opportunity to hover over any spot and be able to study an environmental problem or inspect bird nesting and wildlife areas.

Because of the photos that I took of the Sidney bog from Ed's helicopter, the Augusta City Council purchased one hundred acres of the bog to add to the hundred acres they already owned. Thanks to Point of View Helicopter Service and Ed's flying skills, the City of Augusta now owns two-hundred acres of the six hundred acre bog that has been set aside to be protected forever from peat mining and other encroachment by man.

I would recommend Ed Friedman's Point of View Helicopter Service for any environmental study or monitoring project.

Dave Gomeau
Master Arborist
Augusta, ME