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Hi Ed,

It was fantastic!!! Like flying on the magic carpet. As a kid I would imagine how it would be to fly and SEE all the wonderful things. I would dream of flying!...

This flight was an event of a lifetime...for me...The number of Bald Eagles was great. One has to develop the vision of the white and dark conformation to see them quickly. The beauty of The cannot comprehend with words...only sight...

I commented to Cindy that sightseeing by air would be something visitors might like. Her answer was that tourists like things more dramatic...volcanoes etc. But maybe on second thought, we need to keep these spots guarded and hidden from entrepreneurs and developers.

Best of wishes for future flying! The trip you provided for me of the Kennebec River and our farmstead was fantastic!! To see the land and place the history of two hundred + years ago was something I wish all could experience. Not just something in a movie or TV. To see the nooks and crannies that we cannot access by truck or boat is the greatest.

Thank you very much.

Dee C.